a family affair
After our children had finished their horse riding pursuits, at a family gathering we were contemplating what we could do with the spare land, it was the cider we were drinking at the time that held the solution...

We planted an orchard in the horse arena and converted the shed into a cidery. The Hairy Horse Cider Company’s name harks back to Joanne's grandfather's home-brew label ‘Hedglands Hairy Hoarse Gargle’. 
our story
So after that fateful afternoon sipping cider, we planted our first 130 trees in the winter of 2015 and headed off to England to learn how to make the stuff. How hard could it be? After all, it's in Joanne’s blood as her family come from cider making country in England (even if it was 180 years ago). The boys are keen on making home brew, and her grandfather was a dab hand at home-brew and winemaking! 

After processing our first few apples in a bench top juicer, and fermenting the first batch of cider from scratch in a small demijohn, we decided to commit to the purchase of some large 1000L tanks and some serious machinery to enable us to produce a commercial product, which whilst huge to us is tiny when compared to the scale of most producers.