from orchard to bottle
Cider, like wine, involves processing all your harvested fruit once a year. A good cider needs balance, from cider apples with acids and tannins and sweet dessert apples. We compliment the cider apple varieties we grow on our land with desert apples from the Hawkes Bay.
our process
Our apples are harvested by hand with the help of the family, then stored for a week or two so any residual starch can convert to sugar. The apples are ground up in our Voran grinder before being pressed using our hydraulic rack and cloth press – to get all the lovely juice out.

The juice is fermented in large stainless steel wine tanks. We pitch our juice with wine yeast and use the minimum amounts of sulphites to produce a product that stays fresh. It is then left to mature for over half a year.  

From here, it gets blended and carbonated in our Brite tanks and bottled or kegged. We bottle our cider using a small 2-head counter pressure filler. Bottles are labelled by hand before heading off to be enjoyed by everyone. So, as you can see, our cider is truly small-batch cider!